About Bill

There are several events which led me to pursue a career in counseling. I recall that at about the age of 12, I opened a phone book in front of arguing family members to help them access a counselor they could speak with to help them resolve conflict more effectively. Talk about a formative experience!

Also, while completing my undergraduate degree, I was employed at a psychiatric hospital where I was complemented, by both staff and patients, on my listening and intuitive social work skills. A few key colleagues at that time encouraged me to pursue graduate education in counseling or psychiatry.

I have been employed in human services and psychotherapy for over 20 years. This includes Clinical Treatment Coordinator at Easter Seals NH, Vice President at Child & Family Services, and clinical supervision to graduate level interns. I have provided therapy, workshops and group-work with many individuals and couples to achieve positive outcomes. I offer expertise in spiritually sensitive counseling and marriage/couple therapy.

Today, you will meet me in somewhat casual clothing, with an easygoing, experienced, and focused approach while walking side-by-side with you toward achieving what your imagination holds.

I trust that you will find our time to be a meaningful and worthwhile experience.

“Imagine until you are actually standing where you want to stand.”

~Neville Goddard